Baby Room Decor and Collage Wall

 Phew it's done!  This is my Baby Room Decor.  I made a lot of the wall decor and curtains.  I found the fabric at fabric.com.  You can purchase the signs at my Etsy shop HERE.  I love mixing gray and white with a touch of color.


Dr. Seuss Party

 I chose Dr. Seuss for the theme of my son's 1st birthday party. Here are the invitations: 

-For the banner, I cut pages from a book. You could find an old tattered book at a used book store to cut. I got mine from Kohls for $2 on clearance, so I didn't feel too bad.
 -We had a book signing table for people to write a note to the birthday boy on the pages in a Cat in the Hat book. (again $2 at Kohls) It will be a great keepsake.
- We had a book shelf and  "reading chair" with Dr. Seuss books on it.
- The big photo collage is made of pictures from baby Greyson's first year. 

Green Eggs- green colored deviled eggs
And Ham- Sliced deli ham roll ups with cream cheese inside
Cat in the Hat sticks- Marshmallows and strawberries on a skewer
One Fish Two Fish- Colored goldfish (with a fish net for scooping)
Hop on Pop corn- Kettle corn
Truffula Trees- Brownie pops dipped in green/blue colored white chocolate
Truffula Stems- Twizzler licorice
Blue Ink Drink- Blue colored sprite

 The cupcakes were just blue frosted cupcakes, but I stuck toothpicks with cat hats and Dr. Seuss quotes in them.
 Here are some free printables for you:

And of course, we had to take a picture of all the cute kiddos with Dr. Seuss books!


 It was a successful party and fun memories were made! My baby turned ONE!


Grief Package

The past year and a half has not been easy.  I have lost a nephew, brother, father, and 3 amazing aunts .  What I have learned from all this is that when people are grieving they appreciate any small act of kindness you do for them.  This was a package we put together for our cousins when my aunt passed away unexpectedly.  These ideas could help you come up with your own and be used individually or altogether like we did. (The M&Ms aren't pictured but you could say we "Miss Mom" or "Miss_" or "Mourning & Missing _".  You get the idea.)


Party Decor

When it comes to Birthday Parties & Church Parties I am always looking for Inexpensive Decor.  This is what I came up with.  I took branches from a tree and spray painted them lime green and put them in a glass vase (from Ikea) filled with rocks (from Dollar Tree).  Then I made miniature Party Poms Click Here for Instructions out of tissue paper and attached a string to them to hang on the branches of the tree.  Turned out so cute!  I used these for a Relief Society Spa Party and put a square of wrapping paper under for a finished centerpiece.  I also used them for my daughters Owl Birthday Party and spray painted pine cones to go with it.  (They're inside the vases but you can't see them very well)


Coach's Gift

We're always looking for something to give to our sweet coaches after the season ends.  Here's what we did for Soccer (bucket of Skor Candybars) and Baseball (bucket of Starbursts.  It was super easy.