Grief Package

The past year and a half has not been easy.  I have lost a nephew, brother, father, and 3 amazing aunts .  What I have learned from all this is that when people are grieving they appreciate any small act of kindness you do for them.  This was a package we put together for our cousins when my aunt passed away unexpectedly.  These ideas could help you come up with your own and be used individually or altogether like we did. (The M&Ms aren't pictured but you could say we "Miss Mom" or "Miss_" or "Mourning & Missing _".  You get the idea.)


  1. The small act of kindness is perfect for anyone who has lost anyone. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Aw, this certainly is a kind gesture towards people who have lost someone they were close with. Losing people to death is hard, but can be made bearable with small acts of kindness.