Dr. Seuss Party

 I chose Dr. Seuss for the theme of my son's 1st birthday party. Here are the invitations: 

-For the banner, I cut pages from a book. You could find an old tattered book at a used book store to cut. I got mine from Kohls for $2 on clearance, so I didn't feel too bad.
 -We had a book signing table for people to write a note to the birthday boy on the pages in a Cat in the Hat book. (again $2 at Kohls) It will be a great keepsake.
- We had a book shelf and  "reading chair" with Dr. Seuss books on it.
- The big photo collage is made of pictures from baby Greyson's first year. 

Green Eggs- green colored deviled eggs
And Ham- Sliced deli ham roll ups with cream cheese inside
Cat in the Hat sticks- Marshmallows and strawberries on a skewer
One Fish Two Fish- Colored goldfish (with a fish net for scooping)
Hop on Pop corn- Kettle corn
Truffula Trees- Brownie pops dipped in green/blue colored white chocolate
Truffula Stems- Twizzler licorice
Blue Ink Drink- Blue colored sprite

 The cupcakes were just blue frosted cupcakes, but I stuck toothpicks with cat hats and Dr. Seuss quotes in them.
 Here are some free printables for you:

And of course, we had to take a picture of all the cute kiddos with Dr. Seuss books!


 It was a successful party and fun memories were made! My baby turned ONE!


  1. Nice one. I appreciate and like your creative ideas, especially cupcake idea was awesome with cat hats and Dr Seuss quotes. Looking for more cute and exciting ideas from your side.:)

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