Headband Holder

I've been looking for a way to make a Headband Holder.  I found a few ideas and then modified this for what I needed.  This is what I did....

It took 2 cans, some fabric, and a hot glue gun.
I used a hot chocolate can and a formula can.  You could also use an oatmeal container, but I found mine was really flimsy.  You could also just use one depending on how much storage space you need.  

First I took off the can wrappers and then glued the two cans together, leaving the open end up. Next, I glued my fabric to the cans and folded the edges over to make a nice hem.  I also folded the edges on the top and bottom edges.  (Note:  If gluing on fabric isn't your thing, you could mod podge some scrapbook paper to it instead)

I cut a circle of fabric and glued it to the lid on top.  


Then I filled the top can with hair barrettes and put the headbands on the outside!  It is so handy and doubles as a decoration.  What do you think?



  1. I love this! I actually have 2 empty hot chocolate containers that would be perfect for this project. I have been looking for a way to store all of the headbands that I have laying around! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I Think I'm annoyed you didnt tell me before I threw away my formula cans

  3. SUPER cute!!! I love it!! Not to mention all the adorable headbands you made!!!