felt play 'town'

My 2 year old son can't get enough of CARS, TRUCKS, and TRACTORS! He is always driving them around the house and lining them up like a parade. So, I decided to make him a felt 'town' with ROADS to drive on. It is one of the funnest projects I have ever made, and the best part is that he LOVES it! When he is done playing with it, it folds right up like a blanket.

I started with 2 yards of fleece for the background, then with FELT, I started cutting out
a house with garage,
a school,
 a farm,
 a zoo,
a camping area,
a train,
a pond with fish,
an airplane,
& lots of roads to connect them.
I also cut out "Radley's world."
It is very free-style and can be made with anything your child likes! I may still add more trees and animals.
I used Felt Glue from hobby lobby- it is permanent glue so the project can be washed. This project is inexpensive and can be as big or small as you want.

-I velcroed the fish in the pond and the bird in the tree, just so he has something to pull off and put back on.