Painted Tires

I found the top pic on Etsy and I LOVE it.  So, I decided I needed some colored tires!    The  second pic is my pic of my kids.  I tried getting them all in one shot, but it was a disaster.  I still love this though.  It will bring some bright colors to my Living Room.  

My husband and I may have fought for 3 days about him bringing home the old tires after he got new ones for our van, but it was worth it in the end.   After I've had my fun photo shoot I will probably  turn them into planters. I  really wouldn't mind having them in the backyard filled with flowers.  That will be another battle with my husband... 
Notice: This project is only for those willing to stick to their guns and not afraid to get a little dirty.  

 First, get your tires.  I'm sure any tire store would love to give them to you because you have to pay to get rid of them!  (Landfills only charge about $3 per tire).   
Then, get some paint.  I already had the yellow, but I went and bought the turquoise and hot pink.  I just got regular latex paint quarts from Walmart.  Spray paint would work great too.  Lowe's has cute colors.  
Then get your brush and brush on some paint in the backyard.  No need to cover EVERY spot, because then  they have a cute distressed look.  It literally took about 20 minutes to paint all three!  I ended up spray painting the yellow one green and it worked great too.  


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  1. those turned out SO CUTE tam! what a fun idea. we should definitely use those at raspberry days if we have room :)