Tied Binky Clip

This TIED BINKY CLIP was fun to make.  A lot of people have asked me where I got it, so I decided to write a tutorial on it.

Materials Needed:

Large Button (I found this at Walmart)
Ribbon 1" x 10" 
About Fifteen 3" long x  .5" Ribbon Pieces 
Suspender Clip
(You can find Plain ones at Joann's or I got mine in the baby clothing accessory section at Walmart).  They are sold as Mitten Clips.  They go on clearance in the spring.  So I got 4 for .50 the other day.

First take your 10" ribbon and loop it thru the suspender clip and sew about 1/2" above it.  Make several stitches back and forth so it's nice and tight.  Now loop the other side of the binky clip so it folds down about 1.5" and sew on a piece of velcro 3" down the ribbon on the back and the other piece about 1/2" from the top (this is to attach the Binky).

Now tie onto your 10" ribbon, several double knotted 3" ribbons and cut them down if needed after.  Handsew a few stitches thru the knot of your tied on ribbons so your baby can't detach them.  Sew on your Large Button on the opposite side of your velcro (the piece that is 3" from the top)

FYI:  If you don't like the Tied Ribbon look, just leave your 10" Ribbon plain for a standard Binky Clip.
That's it!


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