birthday book

The BIRTHDAY BOOK is a book that has a page for each month. On each month I wrote family members' birthdays. It is both cute and functional! You can add on birthdays as your family grows and the best part is you won't forget anyone's birthday!
1) Buy a blank chipboard book. Any size or shape you want. (Just make sure it has 6 pages to equal 12 front and back) Or just cut some heavy cardstock. My blank chipboard book is from Roberts.
2) Get out all your old scrapbook stuff. Ribbons, paper. chipboard letters, etc.. This is a great project to use your old stuff- especially if you have swithed to digital scrapbooking!
3) Cover all the chipboard and include a paper that you want to write the birthdays on. I used actual notebook paper for this.
4) Stamp the months onto the pages and write in your family/friends birhdays.
5) I used chipboard for the cover to write "Birthdays."
6) Punch holes in your book (I used a cropadile) and put big rings in the holes. (Rings are very reasonably priced at hobby lobby).
7) Tie lots of ribbons on the rings.
8) Embellish the pages anywhere you have room. I wrote some birthday quotes where there was room.
Birthday quotes for you to use:
"They say birthdays are good for you, the more you have, the longer you live!"
"The more candles the bigger the wish!"
"Life is not a matter of counting years, it's a matter of making years count."


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