Sundae Bath Salts

These Sundae Bath Salts are as fun to make as they are cute!  We are giving them to the sisters in our ward for Mother's Day.  I am also going to use them as random Thank You gifts.  I got the idea from Sugar Doodle.  You can view it  HERE.  My instructions are below (which are a little more in depth)

To make these fabulous Sundaes, you need these 3 ingredients from Walmart:
The Epsom Salt is in the Pharmacy section (about $3 a bag) and the Bath Beads (really salt) are in the Cosmetic Section (about $2 a box).  I like the pink ones.  If you are only making a few of these, just buy the Bath Beads/Salt and use them by themselves.  One box will make 4 of the Sundaes.  If you are making a lot of them and need to make your beads go further, mix together:

1 bag of  Epsom salt
1/2 a box of Baking Soda
1 Box Bath Beads/Salt

This makes about 15 Sundaes if you use 3/4 of a cup in each one.  You could even add 2 bags of Epsom salt and one box of baking soda per bath beads/salt box to make them even go further.

It's amazing how far these beads will go and keep the yummy smell and coloring.  No need to add anymore coloring or fragrance.

Then you need your cups.  Mine were donated from Dairy Queen.  I just called and asked if we could have 75 of their peanut butter parfait cups.  They were very nice about it.  If only doing a few, you could buy the glass cups that Dollar Tree sometimes has.  Each Dairy Queen cup needed 3/4 cup of bath salt.

I found a 2 pack of  one pink and one white at Dollar Tree for $1.  That's as cheap as I could find.

I used the multi colored pack from Walmart and picked out the pink ones.  I may also use the yellow and lime.

Bath Beads are pretty much non existant I found out.  I finally ordered these on Ebay at .20 a piece (50 for $10).  And they came and were bean shaped, not round.  I was disappointed.  Someone said they have them at ULTA but I didn't see them online there so I'm not sure about that.

I retyped the Poem from the Sugar Doodle site and made it look cute.  You can get it HERE   We hooked it onto the straw by punching the poem with a hole punch twice to make a big enough hole.

Anyway, the total came to about $1 a piece.  Not too bad.  I am really excited to give these out.



  1. how do you seal in the bath salts mixture so that it doesn't spill out when transporting them?

  2. thanks for the DQ tip! mine are free too!

  3. I love your Bath Sundae! I included it with link back to you on my Mother's Day Gift Tutorials post here:


    Happy Mother's Day!

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