Cleaning Apron

This cleaning apron is perfect for quick, all through the house cleaning. I use one pocket for my ipod and little random things that need to be picked up and taken to another room such as army men, bobby pins, or a cheerio. :) The other pocket is used for my cleaning supplies. I bought these cleaning wipes at Dollar Tree. They are great! There are kithen/bathroom wipes, windex wipes, and furniture wipes. Each pack has 24! Why not clean in style? You can use any apron you already have that has big enough pockets, or you can make this one. I just cut out this apron by looking at my favorite apron. I kept it simple and fringed- looking by not hemming it under,  Even the pockets have raw edges that add to that raggy look. For the bottom, I sewed a strip of lace on top of a strip of fabric. Anything to make cleaning more fun, right?

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