Teacher Appreciation Gift-- Lemonade Kit

I finally decided what to do for Teacher Appreciation Gifts this year.  It came together as a combo of ideas.  A Lemonade Kit!  Best part is I found everything at Walmart.  Easy shopping!  First I bought the  water bottles.  They were in a package of 2/$5 (at Walmart) They have some that are $5 a piece or you can choose 2/$5-- you pick.  The mixing spoons were 4/$1 and the Ribbon was about $2.50 a roll.  I bought 2 rolls that made 6 gifts.  Lemons were $2.50 a bag.  I put 2 small  lemons in each water bottle.  Then I put a Country time lemonade packet in each bottle.  They were in a box of 10 for $2.    I got the tags HERE but modified them to just be printed as a 4x6 print.  See Below. 

If you want to add a gift card in the bottle you could.  I also added vinyl names of the teacher on the outside.  (optional of course. I sell them HERE).  You could also choose to give the water bottle/Lemonade kit in this cute Outdoor Picnic Blanket I found (Again at Walmart for $13 in the seasonal section).  Who wouldn't love one of these to keep in their car?  I think this is adorable.  See pics below. 

I tucked the Lemonade Kit Water Bottle inside the front pocket of the picnic blanket.
Here's the Tag Courtesy of PNPFLOWERSINC.COM.  You can save it and print is as a 4x6 photo.
I can't wait for my kids to take these to their teachers.  Love how they turned out!  And no gift wrapping needed and kid proof (It should get to the teacher without any accidents)


  1. Love this but I can't find the blankets anywhere?!?! what department are they in?

  2. This is really cool idea to appreciate your teachers although it is least you can do but something is better than nothing. Thank you for sharing it with us