Favorite White Elephant Gifts

It's Christmas time!  And one of my most favorite things at Christmas are white elephant gift parties!  We've seen some great ideas over the years and thought I'd compile a list here.  Please leave a comment with your ideas too!!

#1-  Print off a funny photo of your spouse or someone who will be at the party with you and frame it as your gift.
 #2- Toilet Tattoos.  Toilet Seat.  Toilet Plunger or cleaner.  Anything to do with the toilet.   {Maybe put some chocolates with that.}
#3- A random movie.  You could use a funny one such as Brokeback Mountain or something no one's ever heard of.  Dig through the Walmart $5 DVDs and you'll find some great ones.
#4- Subtle Butt  Pads.

  Hilarious!  You can get them HERE
#5- Large Mixing Bowl, Large Mixing Spoon with Large Bag of Cereal
#6- Something to do with an inside joke between the group. This can be really fun.
#7- Something really random like this Bald Guy Comb I found at Dollar Tree.

#8- Tacky Decor.  Speaking of Dollar Tree... this is your one stop shopping for tacky decor.  I found a metal half moon half sun decoration that anyone would despise.  
#9-  Workout Gear like Shake Weights or a Yoga Block. 
#10- Any AS SEEN ON TV crap like the SNUGGIE.  Hit Walgreens for some duseys. 

We'd love to hear your COMMENTS of your favorite WHITE ELEPHANT GIFTS!

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  1. These are hilarious! I might just gift one to my secret santa.