Colored Chalkboard Projects

So I just saw a post on how to make colored chalkboards.  And I ate it up.  I really wanted to make an updated FHE board and NOTES/MENU board and this is what I came up with.  The wood is a piece of paneling at Lowe's cut to be 12x24.  (They cut it for me for FREE).  So each piece of wood comes to about $1.40 (16 pieces in a $22 piece of V Groove Paneling...so get some friends to do this with you or make a bunch of Christmas Gifts).  Then I got 2 bottles of acrylic paint (2 ozs each which would be 1/2 a cup) and added 1 Tbs. of UNSANDED grout.  (Also at Lowe's by the tile...make sure it is UNSANDED).  First, I primed my piece of wood and then added the paint mixed really well with the grout (2 coats).  Then I added the Vinyl and used a cropodile to punch holes (or a drill) and added the ribbon.  So many possibilities with this!  If you are looking for vinyl for this, email me at Tamiroxie@gmail.com.  {Each Vinyl is just $8}

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  1. so cute! will you make me a turquoise one? really.. how much?