bug party

 My little boy turned FOUR in July. All he wanted was a BUG party! Here are some pictures from the party:
I made the invitation and other decor using bugs and caterpillar from free download  HERE is the link. 
The cake was very simple, I just put plastic bugs and gummy worms on top and he loved it. 

I found the NETS at Dollar Tree and the BUG JARS were less than a dollar each in on the canning aisle at Walmart. I punched breathing holes in  the top with my cropadile.

The party food was DIRT DESSERT with gummy worms and bugs on top.  We had a bug dig where the kids dug in the sand filled bucket for bugs to put in their jars.

We played games such as:
 'bug, bug, who has the bug?' (like penny, penny)
'build a bug' (like pin the tail on the donkey)
'I have a little bug and he won't bite you' (like I have a little dog...)

The BUG party was super fun and we had a great turnout. The kids seemed happy with their bug jars and nets to take home. :) 

Here are some printouts you can use! 

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  1. Great idea! Might try this next year for my son. He just turned 4 a few days ago & he had a batman cake ;)