baby bibs and burp cloths

 I made these inexpensive burp cloths by using cute fabric on one side, and white soft fabric on the back. I am sorry I do not know the name of the white fabric, but it was $2.49 a yard at Wal-mart. I like the raw edges look, so they were super easy to sew back to back.

 Then I made a few sets of washable nursing pads with the same white fabric.
 Here's one of the bibs I made. It also has the raw edges and then velcro on the neck. I just LOVE this Chevron fabric. :)


  1. Very cute. Does it matter what type of white material? or does it just need to be super soft?
    I'm due with my third in December so it would be fun to make some of my own.

  2. Lacie- I don't think it matters what type it is. I wouldn't do anything too stretchy though because it's a pain to sew stretchy minky fabric with regular cotton prints. Have fun! Congratulations!