Favorite Baby Gifts

So since having my first child, Baby gear has come a long ways!  There are so many new baby items that I have really enjoyed on my fourth.   I decided to make a list of my new must haves for babies.  (In no particular order) You will be thanking me next time you need a Baby Gift!!!

First is the Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon.  Just scoop the food into this spoon and you can easily feed your baby on the go or at home.  Bought mine at BabiesRus.

Get this item at Amazon.

Next is the Wubanub.  Pacimals are also similar.  Never  used it but I've heard they are great.
This is also at Amazon.
This is the Nuby Wide Neck Bottle With Handle.  Great for transitioning to sippy cups.  Why weren't bottle always made with handles?
Link to Amazon.  Also at Walmart.

I LOVE the Carters Binky Clips.  Use it every day when we leave the house.  Haven't lost it yet in 8 months!  The Elephant is Super cute.  
Buy it at Carters.

I used a Swaddle Me Blanket every time my baby slept until 8 months.  Love it!  I bought the size Large and it worked the entire time.  Link to Amazon.

I haven't used this either but my Sister in law loves it.  800 plus reviews gave it almost 5 stars.  

Get it here on Amazon.

Robeez shoes are the best for staying on tight.  

Here on Amazon.  Target also has a knock off brand.  

These are more expensive but this is about as cute as it gets for a little boy anyway.
Amazon Link
Love these blankets for swaddling.  Especially for summer because they are lightweight.
Link to Amazon.

I don't have this but wish I would've gotten one.  Really I wish I had invented this.  The description says it all
"Helps sleep-deprived new parents remember baby care details".  What a great idea!
Link to Amazon 

I know a lot of us make our own car seat canopies by now.  This one by JJ Cole is just as cheap as buying your own fabric and I like that the elasticized outer band.  I would never be able to make that right.
Link to Amazon.

This one is more expensive but super cute and I love the windows.
Amazon Link.

This is still my favorite Baby Book.  The magic cycle is to get a baby to EAT, STAY AWAKE, & then SLEEP over and over.  Helps get a baby to sleep through the night as well as keep a routine.  Love it.
Link to Amazon

Love this Crib aquarium by Baby Einstein.  I have a similar one.  
Link to Amazon.

My FAVORITE baby bouncer.  Vibrates and plays music.  Super portable.
Link to Amazon.

I don't have this but has great reviews.

This is what we use for our Baby Camera.  It links to my smartphone so I can watch the baby from another room or outside.  Also I can turn it from my phone to get a new angle.  Can't tell you how much I LOVE this!  Amazon Link

This sign is my favorite Baby Gift.  Get it Here



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