old shelf- kids play kitchen

I've been wanting to make my son a play kitchen for a while now, and its finally done! It took a little longer than I had thought, but it so worth it. It was so fun to let my 3 year-old help. Also, my husband was great to help whenever I needed it. 

I started with an old shelf that was in the garage and not getting much use. (You could easily find an old shelf at D.I.) 

The first thing I did was paint it. I used some left over paint from our kitchen so it is actually the same color as our kitchen and won't bug me if it goes in our kitchen, since they match.

Then I traced a bowl upside down and had my handy husband cut a circle just a tiny bit smaller than my lines. This is for the sink. I bought one piece of bead board to use as the backing, and also the 2 doors. The bead board was $10 and I still have a big piece left over.

I spray painted the two doors. One is black for the oven, and the other is grey for the fridge. (Radley wanted the fridge grey like mine, and the oven black like mine) I painted a square board green for the stove top and glued 4 wood circles on top. The stove top can be taken off and put in the cupboard for more counter space. It is not stuck on.

 I also found a light weight wood shelf to hang above the sink. :) 
 I may still do a faucet if a cheap one comes along.
 Inside the oven,  I hung 2 cooling racks and put a push on/off light inside so he can turn on the light and see if the cupcakes are done. :)

hardware: Lowe's
silver hooks: Wal-mart
canister for cheerios: Hobby Lobby
wooden rolling pin: D.I.
hot pads: Michael's
 tiny shelf above sink: D.I.
stove top circles: Hobby Lobby
flag: I sewed with fabric scraps (mostly from Hobby Lobby) 
lime chef hat/apron: Michael's


  1. That turned out so cute! I might have to make one for my little dude :)

  2. I can imagine the hours of fun your three year old is going to have and all the goodies that will be baked/frozen/cooked. Great project.


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