I'm excited to tell you guys about this new anti aging skin care product I have found and LOVE.

It's called Muvazi.

I've been using it for about a month now and already noticed results. Nothing better right?

Here's what I've noticed:

Improved skin tone. I get yucky sun spots in the summer and from pregnancy and those have started to fade and lighten.  So happy!

Fewer eye wrinkles. Ok, so I'm not that old but I'm in my early thirties and definitely have some lines. The funny thing is I've never used a cream that was specifically for eyes before. When you apply this around your eyes, there is a really nice warming sensation that you can tell is getting deep into your skin. Feels SO nice. {A couple friends who have used it also said their eyelashes have grown.  I just barely tried applying it to my eyelashes too. Can't wait to see what happens}.

Plus the stuff is still not even 1/4 gone. It will seriously last me another month and a half if not two.

I'm so happy to have found something that I love and I know is helping my skin. I do NOT want to hit 40 someday and be furious that I didn't take better care of my skin.

I'm tired of the drugstore products I usually use that hardly work and who knows what all those chemicals do. Blah

Did I mention Muvazi is completely natural? Their website {here}will tell you in more detail...

SO...this product retails for $149.00 but through Creative Juices you can get a great discount.

 Just go to their website {click here} and use coupon code CJ12 at checkout. That will bring the price down to $69.95. {Yay!} Plus FREE SHIPPING!

You can also LIKE them on Facebook {just search Muvazi} and they do giveaways and fun stuff.

Try it out! You'll be happy you did.

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