Chore Chart

This is our much needed chore chart.  To make this I took pics of all the chores my kids regularly do.  Using Picasa I wrote the name of the chore on the pic and printed 6 pics onto a 4x6 pic so each was a small square.  I cut them out and glued them to small tiles and glued magnets on the back.   Each time they get 5 Magnets they earn a Fake Dollar which can be used for a treat or saved for something bigger.  If they are naughty, thye lose a magnet.  It works great.



  1. What is the part about tv and game time?

  2. That is to show the kids that they get 3 different 30 minute time increments for tv or games each day. If they go over this, they have to pay with a fake dollar they earned with their magnets.