Teacher Gifts!

If you're like me, you are frantically in need of a teacher gift this week.  I researched online for a few ideas and then put this together.  It is a S'more Kit for your favorite teacher with the title WE NEED S'MORE TEACHERS LIKE YOU!  
I put in a clear cellophane bag:

4 Marshmallows
8 Graham Cracker Halves
4 Mini Hershey Bars
2 Skewer Sticks
Tea Light

Then I printed off the label and Directions as a 4X6 Photo and had it printed.  Then I folded it over the top and stapled and put it in a cute Target $1 Tin.  I also made other versions for coaches "We need S'more coaches like you, Fathers Day, "We need S'more Grandpas like you", "We need S'more Dads like you"....you get the idea...I made a few different labels so you can use these as any gift. 

Click below to Enlarge and Upload.  Either Print off or Upload to Walgreens or a Photo Place to be printed as a Photo. 


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