Embroidered Stuffed Animals

My kids are in love with stuffed animals.  My daughter wanted to make her own.  So, this is what we came up with.  Instead of just sewing one for them, I decided to teach them how to embroider.  My son really wanted to learn too.  This is what we did.

First they drew a simple picture of what they wanted.

Then we traced it onto Muslin Fabric with a pencil.

Then they started to Embroider (with a LOT of help they finally got the hang of it)

Afterwards, we got some fabric and cut around the animal.  I sewed right sides together leaving a small hole and we stuffed it with cotton.  Then I stitched up the hole.  Not so adorable but the fact that it is stitched by them is priceless.  (It would also be cute to frame a picture on fabric that was embroidered by your kids)


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