car caddy

Using  1/4 yard of heavy fabric (from Hobby Lobby) and some scraps of felt, I made my son this little car caddy with ten car pockets. I got the orginal idea HERE.  It is perfect to take in the car or to church, or anywhere. He loves to line up the cars on the crazy road, and especially loves putting them each in their own little pocket. I am not a great sewer, but by folding the 1/4 yard in half 'hamburger style', it makes the perfect amount of fabric and makes it double-sided. I then hemmed the edges, folded up the bottom, and started sewing a 'car length' between pockets. It worked out great for ten cars. Once the sewing was done, I hot glued the little car, the road, and the strap with velcro onto it.

TO FOLD: Fold in half (hot dog style) and then fold in thirds.
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