Monster Party

We had a Birthday/Halloween Monster Party complete with Monster cupcakes, Monster necklaces, Monster Masks, and Monster Party Favors.  I got everything from Oriental Trading or Dollar Tree.  Everyone that knows me is laughing right now because I can't get enough of their cheap crap.  Here are some pics...

These are the Monster Eyeball Cupcakes made with Gummy Eyeballs from Oriental Trading and Pull and Peel licorice. 

 Simple Monster Cake made with the same Gummy Eyeballs. 
 Monster Masks from Oriental Trading that came in easy kits. 
 Monster Necklaces that were a hit!  Beads from Oriental Trading.
And the little guy that made this all possible! 



  1. so cute Tam! i LOVE that picture of McKade. he's so funny :)

  2. So, thanks to these gummy eyeballs I told Garrett to eat his that he got from school and it WASN"T candy!!!! He was so mad at me! They looked just the same...