bead board wallpaper

I love bead board but don't have a saw, and hate to bug the guys at Lowe's to cut it for me. I recently discovered bead board wallpaper!!! It is at Lowe's with the wallpaper and is $13 for a roll of 53 feet. It is a huge money/time saver. It is great for small projects or crafts. (although you could do a room) Anyway, here is my first project with it- a little makeover to my desk. I spray painted it brown, and spray painted the bead board wallpaper turquoise. After it dried I stuck it to the back of the desk and one of the cupboard doors. It was really easy to use and I am excited to have it on hand for future projects
{And yes, I also spray painted my white making memories organizer PINK! My husband says I have a spray paint disorder :) }


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