Responsibility board/Reward jar

BOARD: This big square metal board is from Roberts Crafts. I painted the frame tan and sanded the edges.
VINYL: All vinyl lettering is from Vinyl Touches.
DINOSAURS: I bought these little wooden dinosaurs at Michaels for .29 cents each.  I spray painted them and sanded the edges. Then I cut out little felt circles to give them polka dots and make them all different. The eyes are just a drop of puffy paint.
REWARDS JAR: I got the glass jar at Hobby Lobby. It was $4.99- half off- so only $2.50! They are often half off.
HOW IT WORKS: Using a dry erase marker, I write down his responsibilites. They change as he grows. He gets to pick a dinosaur to put on the board for each responsibility he does. When he gets ten dinosaurs,  he gets to pick something from the rewards jar, and we start all over. It can take a day or a week depending how good he is. If he goes in time-out, I take a dinosaur down. This has worked really well, my two year- old LOVES the dinosaurs. Hopefully this will work for a long time. If he gets bored of the dinosaurs, there are always wooden cars, trains, etc.. to change out. :)



  1. I love this, Kelli! I love Radley's little chores. Oh, how easy life would be as a 2 year old again. :)

  2. so trying this with my 3 yr old grandson