old shelf- new jewelry box

At first I wasn't sure what to do with this, but I knew I wanted it. I love the chunkiness of it. So, I decided to get some real use out of it and make a little place for my jewelry.
I put crackle paint over it, let it dry and then used some brown paint we have leftover from our Kitchen. (Moose Point) After the paint dried, I sanded a few edges, and drilled hooks into the top to hang my necklaces on.
Where did I get it? DI
How much was it? $4


  1. this is such a CUTE idea Kelli! love it!!
    and even better you got it at the DI :)

  2. Kelli, that is completely adorable! The talent you girls have!!! Hey, I posted a comment on your digital scrapbook post below. I'm sure you didn't notice it, so I decided to post another comment. Sorry to be a pest!! :) Oh and you can email me at haydendawn@yahoo.com if you want.

  3. Hayden- I didn't notice your comment on digital scrapbooking, thanks for letting me know! I replied to your comment on that post- maybe it will answer a question for someone else too! Thanks so much! Kelli