The other night for Enrichment, my friend showed us how to Decorate for Halloween on a dime.  I was amazed at her ideas and she told me I could share. Here they are...

Witch's Spells Book.  Made by buying an old book, spray painting it Orange, inking the edges and adding Witch's Spells Vinyl.  So cute!

 This is the Book I made.  I added Ribbon for the Bookmark. At Shabby 2 Sweet, she suggested these other book names you could make and stack together:

Witches Spells
Friday the 13th
Tales from the Crypt
Cooking up a Witches Brew
Scary Stories
In the Graveyard
The Dark Dark Room
Ghost Stories
Werewolf's and Witches
Ghosts and Ghouls
This list could go on and on!

Halloween Tree.  Spray paint a limb and secure in pot (floral foam would be easy).  Hang ornaments with vinyl spiders and ribbon.  Add boa and other fillers.

Halloween Wreath.  Instructions for paper wreath here.  Then embellish however you'd like.  She put a scrapbook paper in the middle and got the crow from Dollar Tree.

This is my version of the Halloween Wreath.  I wrapped a boa with Ribbon and then painted a piece of cardboard and added a vinyl EEK sticker.  The crow and Tarantula are from Dollar Tree.

Wooden Pumpkin.  Paint a block of wood.  Cover in a stocking.  Add foliage coming out of top.

Pumpkin Book.  Fold an old book backwards until it makes a circle.  Secure with glue and ribbon.  Add foliage and decorations.

Halloween Jars.  Find these labels at Dollar Tree and stick to Old Pickle Jars, etc. and spray paint lid black.  Also, stick them to Root Beer Bottles.  Fill jars with Skeletons from Dollar Tree or something else.

Halloween Star.  Take a metal star and cut out pieces of Halloween scrapbook paper and mod podge onto star.

Boo BannerTake 3 squares of Halloween Scrapbook paper and secure to 3 squares of cardstock.  Then add BOO letters printed off and cut out.  Ink edges and add holes and tie together with riboons.

HALLOWEEN PICTURES.  Glue cute Halloween Paper to Torn Cardboard and Ink

BALL DECOR.  Styrofoam balls covered with Rope, flower petals, split peas, moss, fabric and beans.   For a Halloween version, you could cover with gauze like a mummy, orange fabric to look like a pumpkin, etc.



  1. I looove your design on a dime spell book! i have to show this off on my blog:) check it out at

  2. These ideas are awesome! I would love to get some of those labels, but our Dollar Tree does not have them!