ruffled clock

I love clocks and ruffles, so today I decided to combine the two.  I started by ripping strips of polyester fabric. (I love the frayed edges) Then I ran them through the sewing machine, and slowly folded under pieces as I went along. Once I had three strips of fabric, I sprayed spray adhesive glue from Elmers on the clock frame and placed the fabric ruffles on the frame. (You could also use hot glue). For the face, I removed the cover and hands and traced a circle using the clock plastic cover, on scrapbook paper. I then added numbers and flowers. Use anything you want, and use up those old scraps! Once done, I put the hands and cover back on clock. I got the clock from IKEA for under $5.


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  1. That is adorable, Kelli!!! :) I want to try this! Thanks for all of the fun ideas!!