party hats!

I made these party hats for my son's 2nd birthday party. The kids loved them!


  • measure 10" from a corner of scrapbook paper down each side and in the middle of paper (three spots)

  • make three little marks with pen

  • cut from dot to dot to dot

  • now you have a cylinder shape

  • cut 1-2" strips of fabric or felt

  • with sewing maching, sew the fabric strips right along the bottom, ruffling it as you go (I just kept folding, tucking under the foot, and sewing)

  • tape or staple hat together

  • hot glue a pom on top

  • hot glue stretchy cord inside in two spots (staples wouldn't hold)
HINT: You can use 12x12 paper, or since they didn't have 12x12 in the print I wanted, I taped two 8 1/2x11 papers together. It makes 2 hats and leaves almost no scraps.  Cardstock paper is recommended, however; my paper was not real heavy and worked fine. :)

I made his hat a little different from the rest and put a number 2 on it.


  1. Those hats are ADORABLE!!! They are so cute! What a great idea! :)

  2. Love the hats! My kids are still playing with them. I can't get over how you made them for all the kids, not just the Birthday boy. So fun!

  3. I HEART animal prints! I love the hats!!! I would love to buy one :)) Tooo cute!