flowers, flowers, flowers

Using my sizzix, I cut out lots of polyester flowers. I usually buy 1/2 a yard of it, and it is pretty cheap.(It can cut around 5 or 6 layers at a time).
With the flowers, you can do so much! Here are a few ideas...  No sewing machine or pins needed! Just a simple hand needle and thread.
You can make a sweet little headband.
Buy a pack of thin headbands and hand-sew your flowers directly into the band.
Re-fashion a plain pillow. Or make your own pillow first and then sew them on. I hand-sewed the flowers right into the pillow, stuffing and all. So simple and fun.

Re-fashion a shirt. One of mine was from Ross, and the other from Downeast. I LOVE them now.
INSTRUCTIONS: Fold your flower in fourths, and stick your hand needle into the bottom to hold it that way. Then stick your needle into your pillow/shirt/headband and pull through, keep adding flowers close together and soon it looks like a bunch of fun ruffles. I mixed big and small flowers together since that is what my die cut made. This is a super fun project to do. Do it while watching your favorite TV show, or at the park while your kids are playing. :)

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