like sew...

one yard of fabric... two fun projects!!
I bought this cute turquoise/brown fabric at Hobby Lobby. With it I made a simple sewing machine cover.
It was really easy. Just follow Martha Stewarts instructions HERE. I made mine with 2 bows instead of one to hold it together a little better.
Then I realized I still had quite a bit of this adorable fabric, so I made this apron.

I didn't hem the edges, I ripped the fabric when possible to make frayed edges. then I sewed a simple pocket right on top. No hemming.. just frayed edges again. Then, I sewed little strips of fabric across the top. I just ruffled it under as I sewed and used no pins. I found that you can't really mess up, just keep sewing the strips on and soon it looks like cute ruffles. Then I sewed ribbon for the neck and for the back ties. I still have a big chunk of fabric left... maybe I will make a little bib or something. :)

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  1. I love the sewing machine cover. Yours is way cuter than Martha Stewart's. And the apron is adorable... I've never seen one like it.