These poms are cute, cheap, and easy! They are great for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, or just to decorate a room! Here is how you can make your own!
1) Lay 8-10 sheets of tissue paper flat.
Fold them back and forth like a fan.
2) Now cut ends {either pointed or rounded} The difference is that the pointed will be more poky and the rounded will be scalloped and more soft looking. I do some of each and they look great together.
3) Tie ribbon in the middle of it and leave one end long enough to use to hang it up.
4) Open it up like a fan
5) Start pulling up and seperating each tissue and soon it will form a round POM!!

TIPS: Don't use super thin tissue paper, it will tear. Use two sided tissue paper or there will be half with wrong sides. My pink polka dot one shown in top photo is cute tissue, but only one sided. :( Also, you can make some little ones by cutting them in half to begin with.

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