How to Add Ruffle Flowers to a Shirt


How to Add Cute Ruffle Flowers to a Shirt:

I've been meaning to post this for awhile now.  First of all, I am not a professional sewer.  I am an experimenter.  So the other day I figured out how to make those cute ruffled flowers on shirts.  This is what I did:
I bought this basic shirt at Old Navy.  Then I found some coordinating fabric I already  had.  I cut it into three .5" x 24" strips.  I sewed up the middle of the strips by themselves and then pulled the bottom thread to gather.  Then I layered the gathered strip on the fabric in a spiral flower shape and pinned it.  Then I slowly sewed around the spiral as closely as I could.  I did this three times to make three flowers.  You could also do this and just add three ruffles to the top or random ruffles.  However you want.  Then I added a basic ruffle around the bottom of the shirt. This shirt went from Ordinary to Boutique style  in half an hour!  So cute!

Tips:  You could do this to any ordinary shirt you have laying around that needs some pizazz!  You can also cut up an old shirt and use that fabric for the newly designed shirt!  

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