Spring Rosette Balls

I saw this on Studio 5 the other day.  Being obsessed with flowers and rosettes, I had to try it.  I bought 3 styrofoam balls from Walmart in the kids crafts section.  (2 small for $3.50 or one big for $3.50).  I got a foam wreath from Dollar Tree and some Crepe Streamers from both places.  Each project took about one roll of crepe streamers.  You cut a whole bunch of about 24" pieces and crinkle them.  To make your flowers, you start at one end and twist and roll, twist and roll, adding some hot glue here and there.  (I liked mine nice and flat as opposed to the ones on the tutorial below.).  Don't worry about too much gluing because once you are ready to apply it to the ball, you put a lot of hot glue on the ball which will adhere it to the ball as well as hold the flower together.  You will go thru a lot of glue sticks!  It's kind of time consuming, but really fun.  Each project took less than an hour.  To attach the ribbon, you pin it into the ball.  I also added some fun corsage pins to my wreath in the centers of the rosettes.  Sometime I will make these for my daughter's room.


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