Quiet Book

I made this 'much needed' Quiet Book for my busy, 18 month old boy, Radley. It has made church so much more endurable for him. :) He especially LOVES pulling off the velcro pieces. The pages are felt sheets that are 4/1.00 at most craft stores. I sewed the pages back to back with a sewing machine and used my cropadile hole punch to punch 3 holes. The rings are large silver closable rings. I used dimentional fabric paint to write on the pages. Some are even sparkly or way puffy. Little kids love to rub their fingers over the letters. The book closes with a ribbon threaded through a hole on both the front and back covers. It is great for kids to practice tying it.
ONE DINOSAUR- a felt dinosaur with fun taggy ribbons sewed to underside of dinosaur.
TWO AIRPLANES- felt planes that slide up and down the ribbon.
THREE BUTTONS- a pair of felt pj's that button up. (these darling buttons are at wal-mart)
FOUR CARS- a road with a house and 4 cars that park in a garage. (clear plastic for garage)
FIVE BUNNIES- I bought these felt bunnies already made at Hobby Lobby. They are finger puppets. I just hid them in tall grass.
SIX EGGS- I cut these felt eggs to crack open different ways- (up and down, side to side...) Inside are hidden baby dinosaurs.
SEVEN FISH- Felt fish in a fish tank. (use clear plastic for fish bowl)
EIGHT BIRDS- Felt birds in a tree that have velcro stuck to the back of birds and on the tree. (Radley's favorite)
NINE STARS- These layered felt stars just slide back and forth on yarn. (There is a hole in each felt star)
TEN FLOWERS- Layered felt flowers that velcro onto page.

Don't be intimidated by the sewing, for much of it, I used felt glue that holds super well. It does take time to make the book, but it is so rewarding to watch them play with something you created just for them! I am already excitedly planning to make more quiet books!


  1. Great ideas and pictures, thanks for posting!

  2. That is just adorable and I think I will try one for my Grand-daughter who is 16 months and about as wild as they come!
    Thanks for the ideas!