I am an avid reader and thought I would share a list of my most recent favorite BOOKS. I get most of my books from Amazon, Target, or the library. I'm also in a book club where we share and trade books around a lot. Even with my small children, I try to find time to read because it's such a GREAT escape. If it's been a while since you've read, pick one up and INDULGE!!

An adventurous book about a man who can time travel and the consequences he and his family endure.

A story that traces the life of a woman who rose to become Pope hidden as a man.

Letters detialing the events and feelings of a group of people in the aftermath of World War 1.

A futuristic story about life when the USA is completely torn apart and forced into a lottery where young adults are forced to kill each other on live television. 

The story of a family in New England at the height of the Salem witch trials.

A memoir of 36 year-old Kelly who has an ideal life and is
then diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Dr struggles with a decison he makes on the night his wife delivers twins.

A story of friendship and love among women in a society ruled by men.

The story of the Bible's Jacob, Rebekah, and Rachel unfolded as a novel.

A family whose parents choose the life of vagabonds and their adventures and hardships.

A young girl trying to come to terms with her past and her future in South Carolina 1964.

A journal-like adventure of a family settling in the early west.

A journey of a famous circus during the Great Depression.

 The story of two Afghan women born in different circumstances but endure the same struggles.

A witty woman that finds love in unexpected places.

The story of a family during the 1940's and their trials and triumphs.

A fun journey of a woman recently divorced and her travels and thoughts from around the world.

How to train and teach your children using Christian values.


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