Eight Little Ghosts

A Flannel Board Story

Once there was a Mommy Ghost who had eight little ghost children. It was getting close to Halloween and Mommy wanted all her children to be nice and white for the big day.

“Now, I have to go to the store for some marshmallows,” Mommy said. “You little ghosts stay here and be good. Most important of all, make sure you don’t eat anything that isn’t white. If you do, something terrible may happen.”

Well those eight little ghosts tried hard to remember Mommy Ghost’s warning, they really did. But when the first little ghost opened the refrigerator door and saw a beautiful pumpkin pie, he just had to have one bite! As the pie went down into his tummy, he felt strange. He wiggled and jiggled and POP he turned a bright orange, just the color of the Pumpkin Pie.

The second little ghost saw some peas. He truly loved peas so down they went. And, just like his brother, he wiggled and jiggled and POP he turned as green as the peas.

“What is going on here?” thought sister ghost as she tossed some blueberries into her mouth. She wiggled and jiggled and POP she turned blue. Looking down at herself she cried “Ahhh…” and ran to her room.

Another ghost saw some candy corn in the cupboard and thought just one couldn’t hurt. But, after she had one, she wiggled and jiggled and POP she turned white, yellow and orange, just like a piece of candy corn.

Big sister was outside practicing flying near the big apple tree. She swooped down and grabbed an apple and thought, “Apples are so good for me, surely they couldn’t do any harm. Well she took a bite and, you guessed it, she wiggled and jiggled and POP turned a beautiful bright red! She didn’t feel so beautiful. She sat down under the tree and cried.

“What are you crying for?” asked little brother as he sat down by his sister ghost. She was about to tell him when he pulled out a piece of black licorice and took a bite. It was too late to warn him. Of course you know what happened. POP he turned black as black could be.

Baby sister found some bubble gum. “Perfect,” she thought. “If I only chew and don’t swallow, I will be fine.” She popped some gum in her mouth and started chewing and soon found herself as pink as the pink bubble gum. “Oh no!” she cried.

Baby brother, seeing the mess his brothers and sisters were in, decided to eat something safe. He got himself a bowl of white ice cream. The only problem was that it was chocolate chip ice cream. He soon felt strange just like all the others. He wiggled and jiggled and POP he stayed white, but he had brown spots all over him!

Just then Mommy Ghost walked in and seeing what had happened to her children she screamed and ran to the phone. “Doctor, Doctor, come quick she cried!”

Doctor Ghost came and when he saw all those colorful ghost children he shook his head and said “Looks like you all disobeyed your Mommy. Are you sorry?”

“We’re sorry, we’re very sorry!” cried the little Ghosts.

Then Doctor Ghost poured a big glass of white milk for each of the children and made then drink it all down. In no time at all each of those little ghosts had turned back to their wonderful white again. And they never, ever disobeyed their Mommy again.

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