Cookie Sheet Calendar

This Calendar was one of my favorite projects to make. I'm not going to lie, it took a few hours to accomplish this. The best part was searching for each day's treasure and turning it into a magnetic number for the calendar. It came about because my friend sold me a kit to make a calendar similar.  I ended up changing it up and using Random objects instead of square paper pieces.  Here's what you do:

1- Buy a small cookie sheet. (I've heard they are even at Dollar Stores)
2- Mod Podge Strips of Papers that you love onto the front
3- Measure out your calendar and draw the calendar lines with a marker.
4- Go through your junk drawer, your kids random toys, old game pieces, etc. to find each
day's number. Some of my favorites were a dice for the 4th, a button for the 9th, a toy compass for the 18th, a mirror for the 27th and a puzzle piece for the 29th. Add stickers, vinyl #s, stamps, or chipboard to complete each treasure.
5- Now glue on button magnets (you can buy a 50 pack at Walmart for about $5).
6- Decide how you want your interchangeable months to be. I made mine with rectangular scrapbook paper with vinyl words. You could also just print these off. Embellish as much or little as you want. Add button magnets to the back and store extra months on the back of the pan.
7- Paint around the edges of your pan with acrylic paint to give it a vintage look.
8- Place on an easel or use a Crop a Dile or drill to place 2 holes in the top to string ribbon through.
9- Enjoy your masterpiece!

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